CECA Vision                                                                                             

♦ Promoting and protecting the rights and associated interests of the indigenous people of Iraq (Chaldeans) and advocating for human rights and equality that cover:

* Religious political persecution of the native Iraqi minority (Chaldeans), the passage of US Senate Bill 2782: Recognizing Iraqi religious minorities as a persecuted group.

* CECA / Human Rights Committee HRC also collaborate with nationwide HR organizations to assure the rights of other vulnerable Iraqi groups, especially women & children.

♦ Building awareness of Chaldean cultural and historical figures by unfolding and spreading ancient and contemporary Chaldean heritage together with Mesopotamian culture to reflect the accomplishments of the Chaldean people 5300BC-present, regardless of their diverse designations.

♦ Linking culture, education, and community development by relying on the wisdom and energy of the local people to solve their own problems while building their skills and sense of pride.


♦ CECA’s multicultural outreach programs promote a better understanding of the Chaldeans presence in the US and their essential role in bridging the gap with Iraq to strengthen the interests and friendly ties between the US, Iraq, and other countries in the Middle East.

♦ Collaborate with other humanitarian organizations for refugees to better integrate the newcomer Chaldeans and other Iraqis into US society, and working to build a better world, especially for the oppressed and persecuted Chaldeans and other minorities, in Iraq and the Middle East.

♦ Stimulating a multitude of neighborhood developments, thus giving influential corporations an opportunity to help make community changes on a large scale and a wider scope, with the potential for great,  long-term impacts on other communities.

♦ Holding meetings, delivering lectures, presentations, and organizing art, history, and language workshops for both youth and adult participants as part of the Cultural Awareness activities.

♦ Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to the newcomers and encouraging them to be active within their new home society.

♦ Teaching the US simplified history, US Citizenship courses, requirements and basics of the US Constitution and its amendments.

♦ Supporting and improving our youth through educational scholarships.

♦ Promoting cultural and educational research and enriching the Chaldean library with multimedia references to enhance global and Chaldean cultures in English, Chaldean and other languages.

♦ Conducting book Drive and Empower Education in calibration with Iraqi public Libraries and Universities.

♦ Holding the activities of the annual festivals; AKITU Chaldean Babylonian new-year, on April 1st - 11th and BABYLON Day Festival September 1st - 15th.

♦ Teaming up with other cultural educational institutions to achieve other long-term goals, in turn motivating members of these organizations to learn and appreciate the remarkable history and the unique traditions of our people heritage.